Preschool at Precious Children Daycare

Preschool Dublin

Our Preschool service is available from age 2 years. This programme is designed to introduce your child to a social learning setting while being mindful of their own preferences and pace. Our Preschool service is the ideal preparation for a child’s school life. Our aim is to make your child comfortable with the environment, with the other children and with the educational tasks they face while at Preschool. Our Preschool service caters for children aged 2 and up because we believe that it’s never too early to build great social skills such as sharing, respect and manners. Many parents also feel that attending Preschool gives their child a sense of independence as they adjust to an environment without the safety net of parents or other family members. 

We provide sessions for up to 46 children during term time and up to 46 children during school holidays from the age of 2-4 years old.


Our pre-school programme is managed and operated by our team of qualified individuals with vast experience. Our team is reliable, approachable, suitably qualified and experienced staff, including a Manager, Assistant Manager, Administrator, Playleader, Playworkers and Relief Playworkers. Staffing levels always meet the guidelines requirements set by TUSLA . All staff are garda vetted. The minimum staff ratio is 1:11 with 1 adult to 11 children for ECCE and 1:6 staff ratio for
our toddlers. All are team members on duty will hold a current First Aid certificate. All staff receive induction training which covers Health & Safety and Safeguarding Policies and Procedures. Staff receive regular supervisions and an annual appraisal.

Introduction to Learning

Our Preschool service also builds an invaluable foundation for learning. Your child will be involved in regularly scheduled activities such as dance classes, Yoga classes and science classes which are suitable for all ages! We believe having a wide range of activities in your child’s day is vital for their development and opening up their minds to the world around them.

Healthy Meals

We also provide healthy and balanced meals in our facilities. We regularly change our menu to ensure your children are having a varied and interesting diet. We adhere to a strict healthy eating policy which aims to make your child excited about the tastes and textures of a wide range of healthy and nutritious foods.

Child-Led Philosophy

At Precious Children Daycare, we adopt a child-led way of life. Meaning we will never push your child to do things which are stressful for them and will arrange their days to be as enriching as possible for each individual child. Part of our child-led philosophy is our Settling-In Period. This is our process by which we introduce your child to our facility and allow them to get used to the environment with minimal upset. On your child’s first day in our Preschool, we recommend they visit for a short session, maybe as short as 15 minutes, to get them accustomed to the new environment. We will gradually increase the length of their session up to the full 3-hour session, based on how well they are settling in. It’s important to us that all of the children in our care look forward to being with us, which minimises stress for both parent and child. 

Get in touch today to discuss enrolling your little one in our Preschool to begin their lifelong journey of learning!